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Vintage Banana Seat Bikes


Vintage Banana Seat Bikes

vintage banana seat bikes

    banana seat

  • A type of seat popular on wheelie bikes, which extended well back from the seat post. The rear end of the seat was supported by an upside-down “u” shaped brace called a “sissy bar” which attached to the rear axle or to the rear fork ends.
  • A narrow, elongated bicycle seat that curves up toward the rear
  • A bicycle saddle, often called a seat, is one of three contact points on an upright bicycle, the others being the pedals and the handlebars. The bicycle saddle has been known as such since the bicycle evolved from the draisine, a forerunner of the bicycle.


  • Vintage, in wine-making, is the process of picking grapes and creating the finished product. A vintage wine is one made from grapes that were all, or primarily, grown and harvested in a single specified year.
  • the oldness of wines
  • a season’s yield of wine from a vineyard
  • Of, relating to, or denoting wine of high quality
  • Denoting something of high quality, esp. something from the past or characteristic of the best period of a person’s work


  • (bike) bicycle: ride a bicycle
  • (bike) motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame
  • A bicycle or motorcycle
  • (bike) bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

vintage banana seat bikes – Wald 880

Wald 880 Hi-Rise Cruiser Bike Handlebar (23.25-Inches, Chrome, 10.5-Inch Rise)
Wald 880 Hi-Rise Cruiser Bike Handlebar (23.25-Inches, Chrome, 10.5-Inch Rise)
Remember the film Easy Rider? Ya, neither do we. But there certainly were some cool handlebars on those motorcycles. The Wald 880 handlebar screams Fonda-Hopper-coolness. Slap this bar on your bike and you can grab a piece of American classic cinema for your own personal use and enjoyment. This chrome steel bar is 23.25 inches wide, features a 1-inch clamp area (25.4 mm), and rises 10.5 inches to truly spread your wings. Enjoy the open roads and forget your worries while Wald handlebars steer you straight and true. Banana seat and sissy bar not included.

banana seat 🙂

banana seat :)
homecominggg 🙂

to sum it up:
our gym has 4 walls, each grade gets one wall to decorate, and only gets the schoolday to decorate, 200 dollars from school, and whatever else they gather from people. our theme is austin powers 70’s, and so we’ve got some banana seat bikes (one which is mine, not this one though, mines yellow and next to it), and allll this crazy stuff. i miiiight get a pic of the whole wall at the end of the day, but i’m not sure. i kinda doubt it. but we’ll for sure win. i’ll be sad if we don’t. its sweeeeet. all that background is 200 dollars worth of fabric pretty much.

Crazy tandem

Crazy tandem
This old tandem bike is sitting next to my aunt and uncles garage in Tracy, MN. I think it is the only tandem I have ever seen with banana seats. It is in sad shape. I have no idea who would have ever ridden it.

Taken by CoryQ.

vintage banana seat bikes